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I usually like monster-related figures and artwork, I like movies very much, collecting with my hobbies and accidentally knowing that it is Saturdays and Sundays, I want my monster designed! I decided to create a brand and the art toy, starting with the idea. Demonstay has been created by combining Develop / Monster / Stay 3 single word, but still unfinished is the place where monsters under development remains, as soon as the meaning of the space are preparing to show off in front of the people It is put in. It is also a brand name that includes various art Toy series.

When planning for Demonstay for the first time, I will just make unique monsters! We started with the plan. Among them, we needed a brand that created various series and allowed us to connect that series. The series is not only the difference of the form, the purpose is to show a completely different style to the representation and production system, we are currently processing of Phantom monster, Golem Warriors, Mutant show this three series.



2015. 01 Demonstay Brand Open
2016. 03 Demonstay Website Open
2017. 09 Naver Design Artist Interview / Toy Republic


2016. 07 Character Licensing Fair 2016 / Korea
2016. 10 Busan Kidult & Habby Expo 2016 /  Korea
2017. 05 Art toy Culture 2017 / Korea
2017. 07 Illustration Fair 2017 / Korea
2017. 10 Taipei Toy Festival 2017 / Taipei

Collaboration & Custom Exhibition

2017. 10 New York Comin Con
Not Another Skull Show Collaboration (NYCC 2017)
2017. 12 Hong Kong Toy Soul 2017
Anatoy Custom Collaboration

Next Exhibition Coming soon

2018. 05 Thailand Toy Expo 2018 / Thailand
2018. 06 Five Point Festival 2018 / New York
2018. 07 Seoul Illustration Fair 2018 / Korea
2018. 10 Taipei Toy Festival 2018 / Taipei
2018. 11. DesignerCon 2018 / California

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