About us

My name is Haeyong Jang (aka Toyprince). I’m the Demonstay Co. I’m sculptor, painter, and toy designer about everything the company produces. Demonstay is art based on Monster, Creature, Horror, Creepy art and presented in the Japan factory originated to you in the soft vinyl toy format known as sofubi. And i’m also making resin toys. Demonstay was founded and started in 2015 and has produced a total of three series. Among them, Demon Kaimu and Zombic Dog are Mutant series of original designs, and they are the first Sofubi toys. Every year, we produce new Demonstay toys and do a great collaborations together. Demonstay will always produce the best quality and creative toys, and I love monsters so much that I will create monsters. The monsters are all in my life.

Monday – Friday 21:30 03:00
Saturday 12:00 24:00
Sunday Closed