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Demon Kaimu / Zombie Dog Lottery Now

  Lottery is Open Now~!! 😍😍 It will be closed in 48 hours. (Korea time) Lottery winners will receive notification email with 3 days after lottery closed. Good Luck!! Thank you for your support!! ==================================== 15pcs for online lottery 10pcs for fuckaiju ==================================== Demon Kaimu white blank $95 Price : US $95 + EMS (Shipping)…

White Blank Lottery soon..

Demon Kaimu / Zombie Dog White Blank Lottery soon..

Give Away Event!!

Demon Kaimu and Zombie Dog Soft vinyl Red blank x2 / Blue blank x2 😈 Rules!! 👾 1. repost this image 2. tags @devilhaeyong 3. use #demonstay #demonkaimu#zombiedog 4. following @devilhaeyong Give Away ends at 12am Korea time on Friday 08.10 / Good luck!! 😝😝

Taipei Toy Festival 2017