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Coming Soon..
Sofubi Toy Coming in July (Demon Kaimu / Zombie Dog)
Resin Toy Coming in May (Horror Spawn)

2018/07/01 11:34:15


DemonStay is a combination of words from Develop / Monster / Stay. It is a place where the monster in development is staying. It is meant to be a space that is still incomplete but ready to be shown in front of people soon. DemonStay is working on the concept that only monsters are designed, produced and stories are created. Through the homepage and the SNS, work processes and works are constantly open to the public. In the future, we will create unique and funny monsters with unique look and unique work on monsters. Currently there are three series Phantom Monsters / Mutantsshow / Golem Warriors.

Designer Toy

We only make monsters.

Custom / Collaboration

We create monsters in our own style.

Designer Toy, Sofubi Toy, Resin Toy, Statue

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